Global ATR expertise at the service of your business problems

Global ATR has strengthened its development strategy by setting up an R&D department that seeks to enhance and develop the various solutions offered by the company. A vision that guarantees innovation and creativity within the life cycle of these solutions.

Create innovation with our R&D department

Global ATR was born out of experience. A desire to bring innovation with solutions that respond to the problems of seasonal rental.

Today, our R&D department offers its expertise, applied to your business.

Thanks to a team with complete skills, dedicated to the research and development of solutions, Global ATR can support you in all your projects in complete security.

From the creation of your hardware and software tools to their installation, while offering a support service.



Cross-disciplinary skills for complete support

An R&D department with multiple skills dedicated to providing complete and innovative support for all your projects.

Electronic engineering

Computer engineering

Data management 

Security management 

An R&D department that meets your business challenges

The R&D department studies your context and all of your business needs in order to respond in a relevant manner through adapted solutions.

Our team is committed to guiding you towards a consulting service for the implementation of all your problems.

Our technical and technological expertise at the service of your customised solutions

With our R&D department, we provide you with all our technical and technological know-how by meeting each of your business needs. We create your solutions from start to finish and can make specific improvements to our Global ATR solutions.

A complete customisation service:




Ensure the success of your projects through key steps

Global ATR with its R&D department provides structured support in responding to your business problems thanks to our expertise.


We analyse your needs

You share your expertise and problems with us

We analyse your business needs together


We develop your solution

Propose a solution that meets your needs

Develop the proposed solution

Installation of the solution

Follow-up and support service for our customers

Global ATR supports you in the management of your short term rentals through different solutions

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