Optimise your data usage with the Global ATR Wifi service

What is the Global ATR wifi terminal made of?

5 RJ45 ports


12-24 VDC power supply

How to use the Wifi Global ATR service to manage your rentals?

Deliver information to your customers without any contact

The customer can connect to the Internet via his reservation number or his accommodation access code. Once identified, they can be offered additional personalised services with each new Wi-Fi connection.

Optimise the collection of your customers’ data

Thanks to our partner Clicspot (RGPD compliant), you can collect your customers’ data history. Enabling their mobilisation for any need: illegal downloading, illicit web behaviour, etc.

Simplify your customers’ transactions

Thanks to the wifi service, the tenant can connect with his reservation number and pay for the service via the Global ATR web application to obtain his accommodation access code. A simple and efficient way to optimise access to your accommodation.

Interconnection between Global ATR solutions and third party systems

The Wifi service can be linked to all Global ATR systems and to your PMS to manage all your tenants’ wifi access.

Simplified user interaction

A simple and secure service that facilitates access to the Internet with a unique access code. Thanks to a captive portal, they can connect with their reservation number or housing access code while accepting the general conditions of use. You can also promote your services via this portal.

A system that also allows you to retrieve historical data, thanks to our partner Clicspot, in compliance with the RGPD

A complete service, adapted to each of your activities

A dedicated web application

Customised installation  

Support and assistance  

Customisation service (packaging, features and products)

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