Simplify access to your rental properties with the ATR Global Offline Digicode

What is the Global ATR offline keypad made of ?

12-24 VDC power supply

Backup battery

Auxiliary output

Bistable output NO / NC or pulse

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How to use the Global ATR offline keypad
to manage your rentals ?

Don’t waste any more time with the management of your accommodation keys

Global ATR’s Digicode allows the dialling of a unique alpha-numeric code to give the tenant access to their accommodation for the duration of their stay. The Digicode transmits information to other Global ATR systems to announce welcome messages or other scenarios such as opening blinds and turning on lights.

Optimise the energy consumption of your properties

The Global ATR Digicode allows the activation of different appliances and utilities, such as heating, water, and electricity. A system of activation or deactivation triggers an event at the arrival and exit of the tenant, avoiding leaks and overconsumption.

Easily manage the use of your common and private spaces

You can set up several codes on the same keypad, at the same time, giving access to different services and amenities depending on the code. A global system, allowing you to manage different areas and services with one solution. 

Interconnection with Global ATR solutions

The Digicode can be linked with other Global ATR solutions, for example by triggering messages through the home automation box or by transmitting authentication information to the whole system.

Simplified user

The code is generated automatically by the Global ATR service. Thanks to the Digicode, the tenant can simply pay for the rental from the web application, and then receives their access codes via the web app, email or SMS.

A unique code for each customer allows the owner to trigger predetermined events to ensure a smooth stay for the tenant.

A well-rounded service, adapted to each of your activities

A dedicated web application

Customised installation

Support and assistance

Customisation service (packaging, features and products)

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