Get closer to your customers with the Global ATR home automation box

What does the Global ATR home automation box consist of?

12-24 VDC power supply

2 analog inputs

5 RT switches

Alarm loudspeaker

Communication loudspeaker

Noise detector

SD card for loading voice messages

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the Global ATR home automation box

How to use the Global ATR home automation box to manage your rental properties?

Detect the entry and exit of tenants

The home automation box detects the surrounding noise via a vibrating membrane that allows the analysis of the ambient sound volume. This system detects sounds emanating from your tenants while respecting their privacy.

Reinvent your customer experience

Thanks to the home automation box, the customer is kept informed of specific situations (end of stay, welcome message, etc.) according to a predefined message. Get as close as possible to your customers by sending them the right message at the right time.

Be as close as possible to your tenant’s safety

The Global ATR home automation box triggers an alert in real time to notify the owner or tenant of a power cut, fire, water leak, etc. with predefined and customisable messages.

Keep your rentals free of nuisance

The Global ATR home automation box allows you to protect your rentals by detecting any risk coming from the tenant, by detecting cigarette smoke, noise pollution and burglary. Messages can be triggered following these detections.

Interconnection of Global ATR’s solutions

The Digicode can be linked with other Global ATR solutions, for example by triggering messages through the home automation box or by transmitting authentication information to the whole system.

Simplified user interactions

The actions of the ATR Global Home Automation Box are predefined by the owner according to specific actions. Each identified trigger generates the action by delivering pre-recorded and customisable messages.

This product can be connected to the internet via radio waves. In the event of a malfunction or power cut, the owner or tenant will be notified via the web application, by SMS or email.

A Well-rounded service, adapted to each of your activities

A dedicated web application

Customised installation

Support and assistance

Customisation service (packaging, features and products)

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