ATR home automation box

Identify abnormal consumption, noise, fire or burglary from remote locations.

Identify abnormal consumption

Detect noise pollution

Water leak detection

Wifi service

Optimise your data usage with the Global ATR Wifi service

Broadcasting personalised
Simplify access
to WiFi for tenants

Secure your WiFi connections

Payment terminal

Simplify the payment of your housing thanks to ATR Global’s payment terminal

Currency recognition

Cash collection

Offline mode

Networkless Digicode

Simplify access to your rental properties with the ATR Global Networkless Digicode

Integration of roles according to access codes

Single code authentication

Customisable interior keypad

TV Launcher

Optimise the interaction between your customers and your services with the ATR Global TV Launcher

Offline mode

Online payment

Interconnect with other PMS

Global ATR develops a set of autonomous and complementary solutions to enhance your customer experience by automating the management of your short-term rentals.

Our company targets professionals in the seasonal rental industry, hotel sector and large rental property managers in order to address to their business problems.

Our solutions

We have created solutions that allow you to improve the management of your short-term rentals.


Optimise all transactions related to your services


Secure your connections by optimising your data usage


Customise your customer interactions through a dedicated interface


Get closer to your customers by securing your rental properties


Simplify the access to your rental properties for your customers

Global ATR

Assists you from start to finish in improving the management of your short-term rental properties

Installation of the solution

Customisation of the solutions

Support and maintenance service

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